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New here and a question


My name is Kara and I've been a lurker here for a quite a few weeks now and finally decided to introduce myself.

I love both the movie and the book, I think they are utterly amazing. ´

Since I'm from Germany, I only own the book in German (though the English copy will be the next thing I buy if I will ever have enough money ;)) and I'd love to knew how two quotes from the book are in English. The first one would be the postcard Katherine sends to Almásy (it goes something like she can't take not to touch him but on the other hands feels like it doesn't matter if she'll ever see him again) and the second one the quote about dying and what there is in our body when we die- tastes, lovers, fears etc. ...

I'm not very good at describing things like that and even worse in doing that in English and I would love if anyone could find those quotes for me.

Anyway, sorry for the long babbling/stupid question ;)
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